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  • Prenatal diagnosis- Identifying congenital anomalies and genetic diseases - and predicting anomalies in the fetus by using simple blood tests and combining with ultrasound examination has become a routine practice now


  • Dane is proud that we have introduced the most advanced DELFIA X PRESS by Perkin Elmer for the first time in Palakkad
  • This uses the life line soft ware which is the most accurate method of predicting chromosomal anomalies like Down's syndrome in the fetus during first trimester (11-13) weeks .This. gives adequate time for the family to introspect and take a decision .Also to accept this when you identify the baby to have a problem at birth.
  • This can also be used for predicting defects of the neural tube by measuring another marker, Alfa Feto Protein (AFP) and also to predict the occurence of PET. Maternal hypertension and intrauterine growth retardation
  • It is done by a simple blood test and using a soft ware,and results can be given on same day
  • So far this is being done by transporting the specimen to metro s, You can reduce the turn around time by using our facility, as you are aware ours is a supervised laborarory .